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  •        Without carbohydrate diet

  • What we intended

    What we intended You can add herbs instead of citrus who both NRA becomes.

    CONCLUSIONS ON NUTRITION The main thing to say about the food it is a necessity vimode power supply for any person.

    There are plenty of fashionable theories food and diets that promise you health, but none of them has not been verified as the theory of species supply.

    What we intended from the creation of the Creator, should be our food.

    From the rest must be disposed of.

    What specific conclusions can we draw from the arguments tions of this part of the book Species Nutrition the only way for healing the body through diet.

    . . . . . .

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    Tomatoes minced chives.

    Preparation Fillets cut into chunks.

    Onion peel, cut in half all the bulbs.

    Peel and cut zucchini Kruzhochkami, sausage cut into slices.

    Tomatoes youwash.

    2 tbsp.

    tablespoons vegetable oil mixed with a mustache , rosemary and pepper.

    Meat, sausage, vegetables strung on skewers.

    Compress rit skewers in oil, sprinkling them with marinade.

    Cucumber, radish, peeled, then cut into cubes and other mi.

    Knead yogurt with cottage cheese and season with spice mi, add the vegetables and chives.

    Sauce and skewers served separately.

    . . . . . .

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    A prophet

    A prophet God wanted to severely punish Jerusalem.

    Poor Ezekiel well on the path of the Prophet, was months away and lie to repent for the sins of Israel, for all his people.

    But in his time, people really worked up a sweat of his own to somehow survive.

    And from morning until late evening plowed, of course, if wanted to get myself small and meager crumbs on a modest existence.

    A prophet know yourself is: is day two, 430 days .



    In our northern latitudes, people do not face any problems ancient Israelite tillers.

    What is already there! Our civilized contemporaries suffer from being overweight, and from other diseases, which in the days of the ancient prophets had never heard.

    . . . . . .

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    Im even a little

    Im even a little Therefore, it is necessary for each reader to read the description of all types and to identify for themselves the closest type, most nonlike type, and some average, some signs that clearly resemble you.

    Thats when you realize how difficult your endocrine glands and which of them need help in the first place вую.

    And besides, you will learn a lot about themselves, about their capabilities and needs, about his mission in this world.

    Im even a little envious of those who are now embarking on this fascinating part of the endocrine system cleansing.

    Knowledge of the prevalence of glands gives us the opportunity klasuification and the correct choice when cleaning, but not only: it helps to understand his mental state and temperament, to overcome the energyclogging and to return to his present.

    . . . . . .

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    Raw food diet

    Raw food diet During the day, try to eat more products Comrade first category, in small quantities the second and third categories of excluded products.

    The ratio of the boiled and raw food should be 1: STRICT raw food diet Basic principles and goals of the raw food diet recognizes absolute use in pi SchU only raw foods, with a complete rejection of food, thermally treated.

    According to the parties nicknames raw food, this food poisoning organism eliminates useless or harmful substances formed after heat treatment products and in products of industrial production properties.

    Raw food diet cleanses the body, the cells get solar energy and all the necessary nutrients ve society.

    As a result, improve the complexion and skin, accelerated hair growth, develop the taste and olfactory tion, cleared language disappears halitosis, improved voice, hearing and vision, normal body weight, especially obesity, strengthen muscles, facilitates an body motion is restored figure sion of the gastrointestinal tract.

    . . . . . .

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